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Booking yourself in for a visiting massage

Massage in itself is thought of by many as quite a luxury these days as we are still very much in the midst of a global recession. Getting this service to your door or hotel is quite something else and really is the ultimate way to spoil yourself whilst under pressure with work or when just puyrely seeking some after hours R&R therapy.

There is a surprising number of massage establishments that provide these services, from your local happy ending thai massage parlour through to your luxury outcall tantric massage London agency who will always charge you a premium to send a sexy tantric masseuse to your door. If the girl is truly qualified in tantra then this is a fair price as learning this skill and craft takes many many years and a heaps of dedication!

One of the only drawbacks to getting an outcall or visiting therapist round to your abode, is that unless you have used the masseuse or the agency previously, sometimes you can feel like your are ‘buying blind’, whereas at least if you go to their place of business you are able to check out the masseuses on offer and then if they arent to your taste then you can politely decline and walk the other way!

This is why if you do decide to go for outcall then it is probably a good idea to do a bit of due diligence on the agency in question. It really does only take a couple of clicks of a mouse and a few phonecalls to get an idea if you are dealing with an authentic place, and one that shows original pictures of the girls, and not one that shows what the girls looked like 10 years ago!

When you are paying basically double the money to have the masseuse visit you, it really does pay to do a little research first!


Learning about Tantric Sex

This is something that seems to confuse many as to the real meaning. Some people thanks to some well known celebrities that go involved in the debate seem to think that tantric sex is like a marathon love making session, which it probably is in some cases, but at the essence of the teachings is learning about your partner more and gaining spiritual enlightment is more what tantric therapy is about.

In the most common ritual form of tantra, both parties will worship each other’s sacred spaces such as the lingam and the yoni. It is actually far more centred on the mindset and mental approach than the physical side. Having said all this we do find generally that people that are comfortable and actively involved in tantric teaching, will learn to have a greater staying power and sexual performance as they will be using various techniques that are taught to them by their spiritual teacher or their tantric guide.

Through controlling the mind each of the partners will be focused upon human touch and controlled breathing techniques. It is also very much a methodocial process for both parties and to gain the full benefit one must completely surrender themselves and immerse themselves in this tantric experience.

Wherever you are in the UK, Europe or the US you will find different practitioners who will facilitate the learning of tantra to different levels and many will welcome couples for learning this process together. Tantric Massage in London is one example of a business that is dedicated to helping couples learn and grow together spiritually through the use of tantric methodologies and to gain much more of an insight into themselves. This enlightenment can be a very enpowering experience and in so many cases can be life altering for people that choose this path at some point in their lives


Using Massage Therapy for Pain Management

One of the common things that people use massage therapy for these days is pain management and more so for people that have debiliating conditions such as arthritis for example. Whether people choose to see a massage therapist in a day spa or perhaps even a local massage parlour the effects can be very rewarding for people.

In the US now for example they say that up to nine percent of adults are currently using massage for one reason or another. This might be for pain management, depression and anxiety or a whole list of other common ailments. Some clients will even use massage for pure pleasure and this would be more in the erotic massage arena. Clients might use tantric massage therapy for example to fight some sexual problems as well as get pain and stress relief at the same time.

Some recent studies have highlighted than massage can be effective for pain relief. A recent study that was published in the US in 2010 did show some benefits with stress and in particular the stress hormone cortisol which it did show that massage could slightly reduce the levels of.

However when using massage for pre-existing conditions and in particular some issues such as athritis it is important to consult you phsyician first to make sure that this will not cause more problems than benefits.

Certain conditions in particular should be a red flag to people that are considering massage and these are things such as:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Osteoposis – severe cases
  • Varicose Veins
  • Flare, Inflammarion or Skin Rashes

Massage is of course not a medicine but it can be a useful complementary therapy and in general a very good way to help lead a more stress free and relaxed life and something we at amazing massage would highly recommend many people try for various conditions


Creating the right tantric atmosphere for massage

When you have decided to start indulging in tantric massage with your partner there are some rules that one should follow to really get the most out of this experience. First and foremost if you are under a lot of stress or pressure then you may as well forget about trying something like this as you need to make sure that your mind is completely clear. On the other hand if you into meditation or hypnotherapy you may still be able to clear you mind using these techniques even under stress or pressure.

The main tips before beginning this massage are:

Create right environment – Tantric massage is something that is never rushed and it involves spiritual consciousness and so we need to make sure that tranquility and calm are brought to the room where the massage takes place. This normally means scented candles and soft music. Both of these are important as they need to be subtle and romantic background addition and nothing too distracting. There are many different resources that one can download from youtube or some other music sitesfor the perfect sounds

The right equipment – To give a very sensual tantric massage you will want to make sure that you also have the right massage oil for the job. Something that smells nice, is good quality and not too thick a consistency would be perfect! If you can then good quality massage table would be perfect, or if not a decent quality bed with a quality mattress will suffice, especially for those new to tantra.

Seduction – When giving a tantric massage to your partner you would probably want to dress for the occassion and so something sexy and seductive would be perfect and would help to get the atmoshpere right for proceedings.

By foolowing these three simple rules you should be well on your way to your first tantric massage. We also offer couples training on this and our tantric massage city of London service is second to none and has produced some great results for couples across the UK!