What to expect from tantra workshops

Well first of all tantric or tantra massage training is something that some people may not be totally comfortable with as people really do need to ‘let loose’ in order to really get into this therapy. This means that even if they are slightly shy, nervous or worried they really do need to leave this at the door when they begin this journey.

People do tend to take different routes with this therapy. Some people may go for the more traditional tantra workshop route (which is also the cheaper and possibly better option), whereas others may prefer the more one to one method where you would simply pick your own masseuse where you could go either alone or with your partner for the massage sessions

Generally when you got to a group tantra workshop you will be paired up generally with your partner as you would in a private session, however there are some people that don’t have a partner and still want to learn and this is where things might be slightly more awkward being paired up with a complete stranger but it is whatever suits the individual.

The tantra workshops are not about people being naked and getting sensual. It is more about learning the different massage techniques and also breathing techniques and learning about the concepts of tantra.

When things take a more erotic turn, and you’re delving into the realms of sensual nude tantric massage, this will be the type of thing that would be set as a homework for example. Most people will find that although a lot of the exercises that are given are indeed very simple they are also extremely profound and do have quite an effect on the people studying tantra. They are not for the faint hearted but at the same time they are very necessary in order to learn these magical skills!

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Why use Erotic Massage

Many people think that erotic massage is all about having sex etc whereas there is a lot more to it than this and it also can provide help and benefits which are much deeper and affect a lot more than people’s sex lives with one another.

Many people use it to enhance their sex lives but they find in the process that it can affect many other things. Some of the main reasons that it is so widely used are as follows:

Relaxation therapy – part of the reason some couples do not gel as well in the bedroom is because they are stressed out from work. Learning to relax is an amazing thing. Many people think they do but a good deep massage will completely clear the mind and enable the person to think much more clearly

Concentration – Clarity of mind will also help the individual to concentrate better. This can be invaluable for work and home life

Communication – Most couples will argue and sometimes relations can break down to a point where communication is affected badly in the relationship. A massage allows for couples to reconnect and then improve their communication with each other!

Health – Reducing stress will also improve health. Most chronic diseases are caused as an indirect result of leading stressful lives and so by cutting out stress out of the equation we improve our health quickly

There are many options for couples across London and the UK to get some guidance and practice in massage. It beats trying to learn from a youtube video or out of a textbook and erotic massage London is one of the leaders in their field when it comes to training guys and couples in this art form!