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A few embarrassing questions regarding massage therapy

When it comes to massage, it is a completely normal and easy process for most people although for others there can be a few reservations. These include:

  • Do I keep my underwear on? Well this would mainly depend upon the type of premises you are visiting. For something like a tantric massage it would almost always involve being nude for the course of your therapy whereas for other types such as sports massage it would not. This also depends on the therapist as sometimes they will find it easier to massage with less obstructions and sometimes will even give you disposable underwear which is easier for them to carry out the massage with – best to agree this ahead of the therapy so there is no confusion
  • Talking to the therapist – Many people don’t really know whether it is rude NOT to talk to therapist during the session but this would be very uncommon. Its not like you are there at a dinner party and so most people will generally allow themselves to switch off and close their eyes and in many ways this actually will help with de-stressing the mind and body
  • Is this a naughty massage parlour – Sometimes believe it or not it can be quite difficult for some people to tell and there are plenty of stories whereby people have found themselves being offered a happy ending when they thought they were in an upmarket massage joint! – Here it is best to ask a few questions regarding what massage is on offer and what this will help with and maybe even some questions about whether the therapists are licensed practitioners etc.
  • Rather a Female – Some men may be quite averse to having a male therapist and if this is the case it really is best to communication this from the outset rather than wait until it is too late and have an uncomfortable experience with a masseur!

The key to receiving a good massage is all about good communication from the outset and basically not being afraid to ask a few simple questions!

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